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Fri - Sun,, April 12th-14th 2019 * 9:00 am- 5:00 pm Fri & Sat 

        9:00-3 pm Sunday Old Verde Haymarket & Feed Lot off Hwy   260, on 89A near intersection (across from Denneys)  in Cottonwood  AZ


Application            (circle site space choice)

3 day, 10 x10 single site space:    $150.00

3 day, single site w/corner  site:    $175.00

3 day, 10x20 double site space:    $200.00

 3 day 10x30 triple site space:    $250.00

3 day, dble/dble 20 x 20:    $300.00

          * 3 day, food vender site space:    $275.00

* Yavapaia County Health & Vendor Department Permits required

  NEW  VENDOR /non refundable App fee (separate check) $10

DEADLINE:  April 1st 2019 (add $ 25.00  late  fee, if sent after 1st)

CANCELLATION: forfeiture of all fees if canceled after: April 1st 2019

 NO Personal Vendor Permit needed except for FOOD vendors       

                                                                           Price Range of Items_____________

Check ( X ) a Category/s

Describe ONLY types of Craft or Food Product to be sold

Fine Art____ Jewelry____ Photography____ Floral____ Music____ Fiber____Processed Food____

Leather_____ Clay____ Paper____ Glass____   Metal____   Wood____   Screenprint____ Plastic____

Clothing____Ceramics_____ Stone____Combined Categories____ 

Exhibiting Conditions:      Read & Sign, signifying  acceptance

Booth spaces will be issued on a first fee in, first served basis, accordingly to all craftsmen &vendor, ok without exclusivity.  Spaces are outdoors in grounds,on gravel. a round carpet is OK. Roaming security will be on duty and available, but each  vendor is responsible for his/her own items and space. You are responsible for getting your own, health permits (if food),  getting tax ID# and collecting, reporting and paying your own sales tax,.  If you use a free standing tent set-up, weights & staking is allowed. *NO arriving befor 4:00 pmThursday  to site for set up!!!!  Set up & check in must take place by 9:00 am  Friday, or be considered no show, & cars removed before the time of 9:00am opening morning, and no take downs before the closing time of 5pm,  3pm Sunday.  The registered vendor, (no children)  must be on duty at your booth at all times of fair operation.    No pets allowed at booth site, unless approved.   Personal conduct, rules violation, complaints from patrons during the Fair as to misconduct may be grounds for removal by the show coordinator.  Reports of orders taken and not  fulfilled by a vendor will deem  him/her removed for future  events & possible charges pressed by purchaser.  No  booth sharing will be permitted, without  prior approval.  I  also understand I am responsible for removing my own trash to the dumpsters, and not in customer recepticals.

Understanding and Release

I do hereby certify that I have read and understand the Fair conditions, carry my own liability insurance, and will abide by these agreements.    I do hereby release and hold harmless,  Dean Schlosser,  Staff, Sponsors, Sue Dean , Verde Hay Market , Yavapai County,  Greater Grace Fellowship,   their agents, employees and lessor, from  any claims, and all injury, acts of nature, loss of income, or expected income, damage to property, cancellation and  all personal liability.

* Vendors Signature: ______________________________________________________  Date_________________

Send Your Check/s, payable to:  Greater Grace,   and send to:         

 Greater Grace Fellowship * PO Box 2938, Cottonwood AZ 86326.



VENDOR___________________________________________________________     AMOUNT SENT___________

BUSINESS NAME____________________________________________________________________________________                            ADDRESS______________________________________________________________________________________________                          




*VEH LICENSE #_______________________________ MAKE_____________________________ STATE__________                                   

*HEALTH PERMIT #_____________________              *AZ S/TAX ID #__________________________            

                                (all food vendors)                                        (all show vendors)

for additional info: call 928-595-4397 /  email:


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Greater Grace Fellowship
PO Box 2938
Cottonwood, AZ  86326
Phone: 928-595-4397