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 Fund Raising Arm of Greater Grace Fellowship 
What's GGF, and why We exist

Greater Grace Fellowship Inc, is a para-church ministry, proclaiming the Gospel good news of Jesus Christ.

The Good News being the fact that, God so loved man (His creation) so much, knowing man's rejection of Him, condemnation, and failure to live up to His standard, that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to earth, having left Heaven's glory with the Father, to take upon Himself, man's sin and the penalty for sin.

Man does not need too, nor is it God's desire that man should end up condemned to Hell, which is eternal separation from God prepared for satan.

The further Good News being that through this sacrifice for sin, He offerred by Grace to all mankind Salvation, and earthly and heavenly fellowship. And you know what he did to seal the deal....
He rose from the grave to be our advocate before the father... that we are HIS! Wow!

Anyone who will appropriate, ask, and accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour, He says, "He will in no wise cast out" Yes,... you can KNOW... right NOW, your eternal destiny.

If you need help in understanding this, or wish someone from our ministry to lead you to new life in Christ.... all you have to do is call...and state your desire!

Do it TODAY!

WHAT we do and wait upon God to DO!!!

Through the means given to us to proclaim the Good News of Salvstion, we will endeavor to offer services and programs to meet the needs of individuals and localities, with a non-denominational, non-sectarian, programs and ministry.

Ministries presently being offerred or started in Yuma AZ as well as Show Low, AZ, are as follows...

~~ "Talk ta me" Christian Helplines
Yuma & Show Low, AZ

~~ "MU4J" (Man Up 4 Jesus)
Men's Breakfast Fellowships
Yuma & Show Low, AZ

~~ Interim Pastoring, teaching,
weddings, & seminars
~~ Divorce & Grief Recovert 
Yuma & Show Low

~~ Counseling, Lay Counselor

~~ Prophecy Teaching & end time Conferences

~~ Classic Celebrations
Concerts & Art Fairs

~~ House of Jireh Ministries
Cagayan deOro City
Mindanao, Philippines


About Founder & Director Dean Schlosser

The oldest and one of 6 children, born in Rochester NY... responsibility was thrust upon Dean at the early age of 10, to help out with things at home working a local paper route. Dean provided many of the things at Christmas time and birthdays for the family, that his dad with 2 jobs could not afford. Dean came to a knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ at an early age.

An adventurer at heart, he took his first trip alone by train at 11, across New York State to the Adirondacks. Dean was the first also in his family to fly, taking a plane trip, at 14 and alone, to Canada to spend a 4 week stay at a summer Christian camp, learning survival skills.

Dean put himself through college, working nights, and going to school days, marrying, and starting a family before he finished, doing the four years in 6, studying for the ministry.

Jobs in management through life have been varied, from church Youth Pastorates, to Boys Clubs of America Directorships, American Diabetes Association Chapter Director, to Director of Development for Teen Challenge of Arizona, and Assistant Pastor. Through the various professional bussineses, and CBO's at which he was employed, he has learned the skills to make it in life, in business, and lead others.

He himself admits,now in his 80's that he hasn't retired, but he has retread!

Site Mailing List 

Where customer service is not an option... its an Attitude!

Greater Grace Fellowship
PO Box 2938
Cottonwood, AZ  86326
Phone: 928-595-4397